Mathematical challenges of zero-range Physics:
rigorous results and open problems

international workshop
sponsored by a research-in-residence fellowship
at the Center for Advanced Studies of LMU Munich

26-28 February 2014

Center for Advanced Studies
Seestraße 13, 80802 Munich

Themes of the meeting:
  • few-body and many-body "unitary" gases, 
  • role of delta-type boundary conditions in the effective dynamics on shrinking wave guides,
  • effect of zero-energy resonances in the construction of zero-range self-adjoint Hamiltonians, 
  • rigorous definition of delta interactions on submanifolds and graphs, 
  • stability/instability of zero-range Hamiltonians ("Thomas effect")
    and their spectral and scattering properties (bound states, Efimov spectrum, scattering states), 
  • control of self-adjoint extensions of formal (i.e. only symmetric) zero-range Hamiltonians, 
  • effective models of quantum environments involving point interactions, 
  • latest developments in the numerics and the experiments of the zero-range Physics.


Info for the speakers:
  • All speakers will be accommodated at the Hotel Biederstein.
  • Directions from the hotel to the CAS (600 m).
  • Directions from Münchener Freiheit (the closest underground station) to the hotel (800 m).
  • Munich suburbian+underground and tram network; info and tickets.
  • From the airport to the hotel / to the CAS:
    • underground line S1 up to Moosach, then undeground line U3 up to Münchener Freiheit,
    • or underground line S8 up to Marienplatz, then undeground line U3 or U6 up to Münchener Freiheit.
  • From the train central station to the hotel / to the CAS:
    • any underground among S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8 up to Marienplatz, then undeground line U3 or U6 up to Münchener Freiheit
    • or undeground line U4 or U5 up to Odeonsplatz, then undeground line U3 or U6 up to Münchener Freiheit.
  • Munich weather forecasts.
  • Workshop dinner on Thursday 27 February at 8 pm at the Weienbauer Mũnchen (400 m from the CAS: directions).


Wed 26

15:15 opening

A. Posilicano
Non-linear maximal monotone extensions of symmetric operators

coffee break

A. K. Motovilov
Three body systems with delta interactions with internal degrees of freedom

R. Figari
Spin-dependent point interactions used in models of quantum environments
Thu 27
F. Werner

Few-body and many-body physics with zero-range interactions: theory and experiments with ultra-cold atomic gases - Part I

coffee break

F. Werner
Part II

round table I
(A. Teta moderator)
D. Finco

Two fermions and a test particle: a detailed analysis.

coffee break

S. Albeverio
Some remarks on spectral properties of Schrödinger operators with (many) concentric δ-shells and related topics

J. Behrndt
Spectral properties of Schrödinger operators with singular interactions on Lipschitz surfaces

Fri 28
C. Cacciapuoti

Effective dynamics for shrinking waveguides

coffee break

D. Noja
Non-linear Schrödinger equation and point interactions:  localised defects and concentrated nonlinearities

R. Carlone
Spectral theory of Gesztesy-Šeba realisations of 1D Dirac operators with point interactions
round table II
(S. Albeverio and G. Dell'Antonio moderators)

16:45 closing

Techincal support for the talks:
  • The meeting room will be equipped with laptop and beamer for projecting slides,
  • and two flip charts / whiteboards, together with markers of various colours and all the needed amount of paper sheets.
  • Additionally, we have the possibility to scan handwritten overhead transparencies into pdf format so to be projected with the beamer.

IT support:
  • All the CAS premises are covered with the EDUROAM wireless network, for which you only need your own eduroam credentials from your home institution.
  • A few workstations will be also available, as well as a few desks with network cables for laptops.
  • Usual printer and photocopier facilities also available.

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