Vorlesung: Funktionalanalysis (FA1) (SoSe 2016)

Exam Information:


Re-Exam: Written exam (schriftliche Klausur), 150 min.

Date: July 27th (Wednesday) 2016.

Time: 9.15-11.45. (Start: 9:15. Be there by 9:00 !)

Place: B 051 and B 005(!).

For further information, see below.


Exam: Written exam (schriftliche Klausur), 150 min.

Date: July 16th (Saturday) 2016.

Time: 9.15-11.45. (Start: 9:15. Be there by 9:00 !)

Place: B 051 and B 052.


Exam content/examination material (Prüfungsstoff):
Lectures up until and including lecture on July 7th 2016 and Exercise Sheets (Homework/Übungsblätter) and their solutions up until and including Sheet 12 (solutions discussed July 11th 2016).

Rules: You are allowed to bring 1 (one) two-sided HANDWRITTEN cheat sheet (Spickzettel): a piece of A4-paper on which you have written (on both sides) whatever you think might be useful for the Klausur/exam. Anyone with a (partially or entirely) printed/photo copied cheat sheet will be expelled from the exam. You may not bring anything else (apart from pens/pencils), i.e., no books, notes from class, homework, solutions to homework, no mobile phones etc. Examination booklet and extra paper will be provided. Put your name on every sheet you wish to hand in, and write readable. (Recall the advice on writing up solutions here.)

Language (Sprache): You may write your answers either in English or in German (but not a mix!).

Signing up (Anmeldung): Online here.

Deadline (for signing up): July 11th (Monday) 2016, 12.00 (noon) (no exceptions!)

Re-exam (Wiederholungsklausur): Students who fail the exam on July 16th (and only those (apart from the ones with a medical attest that they were sick)) will be offered a re-exam.
This re-exam (Wiederholungsklausur) will take place Wednesday July 27th 2016 (27.07.2016) 09:15-11:45. Conditions as for the exam, see above.


Letzte Änderung: 27 July 2016 (no more updates).

Thomas Østergaard Sørensen

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