Workshop of Young Researchers in Mathematical Physics

July 5-7, 2023, IHK Akademie, Westerham


The Workshop of Young Researchers in Mathematical Physics (WYRMP) aims at bringing together many talented PhD students, postdocs, and young but already established researchers in mathematical physics, to present new results and to initiate new collaborations.

Invited Speakers

  • Giulia Basti (GSSI)

  • Lea Boßmann (LMU Munich)

  • Morris Brooks (Zurich University)

  • Jacky Chong (Peking University)

  • Martin Ravn Christiansen (LMU Munich)

  • Charlotte Dietze (LMU Munich)

  • Marie Fialova (IST Austria)

  • Julian Fischer (IST Austria)

  • Luca Fresta (Bonn University)

  • Torben Krüger (FAU Erlangen-N├╝rnberg)

  • Asbjørn Bækgaard Lauritsen (IST Austria)

  • Jinyeop Lee (LMU Munich)

  • Ngoc-Nhi Nguyen (University of Milan)

  • Toan Nguyen (Pennsylvania State University)

  • Marcello Porta (SISSA Trieste)

  • Robin Reuvers (Roma Tre University)

  • Organizers

    Emanuela L. Giacomelli (LMU Munich), Phan Thành Nam (LMU Munich), Marcin Napiórkowski (University of Warsaw), Arnaud Triay (LMU Munich).

    Venue and Location

    The workshop will take place at the IHK Akademie Westerham. The arrival is on July 5th before lunch, and the departure is on July 7th after lunch.

    The address is: Von-Andrian-Str. 5, 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham. More info on the venue are available here.

    The venue is reachable within 1 hour from Munich Central Station (HBF) via regional trains. Link to the train tickets.



    Titles and Abtracts


    To register, please send an email to Edith Höchst. Please let us know if you want to book a room in the conference venue.


    The workshop is generously supported by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) via the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, the Polish-German Beethoven Classic 3 project "Mathematics of many-body quantum systems", and the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) "Mathematics of Many-Body Quantum Systems and Their Collective Phenomena.


    In case you have questions, please contact Edith Höchst or one of the organizers.


    See the Group picture.