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Department Mathematik



Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler II
Sommersemester 21

Veranstaltungsform: Online

Prüfungsform: Online

Zeit und Ort

Vorlesung: Mi 12-14 Beginn 14. April 2021
Übung: Mo 14-16, Beginn 12. April 2021

Please register to Uni2Work. No password is required.

This page on Uni2Work will be the main webpage of the lecture-course.

The videos of the lectures and the videos of the solutions of the exercises will be available there.

The script, the exercise-sheets, your solutions, and their corrections will also be uploaded there.

You will register to the exercises in groups of 4-5. More information on that will be sent to you soon.

The video of Lecture 1, together with the first exercise-sheet, will be uploaded to Uni2Work (Material) by Mi 14.04.

Zoom-meetings will be arranged, in order to discuss your questions on the material of the course and the exercises.

The first Zoom-meeting will take place on Mo 12.04, during the slot of the exercises-session.
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Meeting-ID: 962 2620 6098
Kenncode: 302761


Reelle Vektorräume, Lineare Abbildungen, Skalarprodukt, Matrizen, Determinanten, Differentialrechnung im Rn, Integralrechnung im Rn, Satz von Green, Satz von Stokes


Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler I


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On Uni2Work

Mitarbeiter und Sprechstunden


  • O. Forster: Analysis 2, Vieweg + Teubner, 2007.
  • S. Lang: Calculus of Several Variables, Springer, 1987.
  • J. E. Marsden, A. Tromba: Vector Calculus, W. H. Freeman and Company Publishers, 2012.


  • Klausur: online, Mi 14.07, 12-2.
  • Klausureinsicht: online TBA

  • Nachholklausur: onlne TBA
  • Klausureinsicht: online TBA

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