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Light and Matter Group


to the website of the Light and Matter group. Our research group was established in 2014 as an International Junior Research Group "Interaction between Light and Matter" of the Elitenetwork of Bavaria. We are based at the Mathematical Institute of the LMU Munich in the city of Munich.


Mathematical quantum field theory: Our activities in Mathematical Physics focus on the mathematically rigorous and non-perturbative construction of models of classical and quantum field theory. Much of our efforts are devoted to models that describe the interaction between elementary particles (matter) through electromagnetic interaction (light) and account for the phenomena of radiation reaction and pair creation. We are also highly interested in other topics in Foundations of Physics and its mathematical frameworks.

Mathematical learning theory: As part of the Stochastics Group, our work in Applied Mathematics focuses on the mathematically rigorous study of models of control, planning, and learning tasks that describe how autonomous artefacts or agents can adapt their functionality to unknown data or environments. We are particularly interested in the study of representation and approximation of hypotheses or policies and their performance in terms of statistical guarantees and complexity estimates.

Laws of Nature Series

The Laws of Nature Series is an initiative that seeks to support and encourage the discussion between our communities in Physics, Mathematics, and Philosophy. It is currently organised by A. Bassi, U Trieste, D.-A. Deckert, LMU, Dr. W. Struyve, KU Leven, and P. Reichert-Sch├╝rmer, LMU. If you would like to receive announcements of our open online seminar series on Zoom, sign up by email here.