Willkommen zum Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

im Wintersemester 2013/2014 von Prof. Dr. D. Dürr und Prof. Dr. P. Pickl

The seminar is usually on Wednesdays, 16:15h, in room B004.


Termin Ort Titel Vortragender
Mi 16.10.13, 16.15h B004 Derivation of Mean-field Dynamics for Fermions Sören Petrat
Mi 23.10.13, 16.15h B004 Mean-field Dynamics of a Tracer Particle in a Fermi Sea Maximilian Jeblick
Mi 30.10.13, 16.15h B004 Retrocausality and Nonlocality Dustin Lazarovici
Mi 06.11.13, 16.15h B004 Hypersurface Bohm models for photons Nikolai Leopold
Mi 13.11.13, 16.15h B004 Entropy of Newtonian Gravitational Systems Paula Reichert
Mi 20.11.13, 16.15h B004 No seminar!
Mi 27.11.13, 16.15h B004 No seminar!
Mi 04.12.13, 16.15h B004 Timeless Dynamics and Path-Space Florian Hoffmann
Mi 11.12.13, 16.15h B004 Proving Hegerfeldt's Theorem Christian Beck
Mi 18.12.13, 16.15h B004 The Mass Transport Principle and Percolation on Unimodular Graphs Vera Hartenstein
Mi 08.01.14, 16.15h B004 On the time operator and time-energy uncertainty relation in quantum mechanics Arun Ravishankar
Fr 10.01.14 Joint Seminar with Felix Finster in Regensburg
14.15h On the Self-Adjointness of the Dirac Operator for Two Interacting Particles Martin Oelker
15.45h From a classical interaction to quantized bosonic fields via microscopic mixing Felix Finster (Universität Regensburg)
Mi 15.01.14, 16.15h B004 Random graphs, walks, waphs Andrej Nikonov
Mi 22.01.14, 16.15h B004 Entropy of a Gravitating System (cntd.) Paula Reichert, Dustin Lazarovici
Mi 29.01.14, 16.15h B004 My observations about how physicists understand and use QED Jan Dereziński
Do 30.01.14, 10.15h new room: B349 My observations about how physicists understand and use QED, part II Jan Dereziński
Mi 05.02.14, 16.15h B004 Inwieweit ist eine relativistische Formulierung der Bohmschen Mechanik möglich? Aaron Schaal