Willkommen zum Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

im Sommersemester 2014 von Prof. Dr. D. Dürr und Prof. Dr. P. Pickl

The seminar is usually on Wednesdays, 16:15h, in room B004.


Date Room Title Speaker
Wed 09.04.14, 16:15 B139 Lecture Series on Renormalization Group Jean Bricmont
Wed 16.04.14, 16:15 B139 Lecture Series on Renormalization Group Jean Bricmont
Wed 23.04.14, 16:15 B004 Adiabatic Theorem for Dirac operators Johannes Nissen-Meyer
Wed 30.04.14, 16:15 B004 No seminar!
Wed 07.05.14, 16:15 B004 Microscopic derivation of the Vlasov equation with singular potentials Peter Pickl
Wed 14.05.14, 16:15 B004 Interaction by means of boundary conditions for a multitime system of two Dirac particles in one dimension Matthias Lienert
Wed 21.05.14, 16:15 B004 The Maxwell-Vlasov System Dustin Lazarovici
Wed 28.05.14, 16:15 B004 Bohmian Mechanics and Position Measurements Robin Schlenga
Wed 04.06.14, 16:15 B004 tba Maximilian Jeblick
Wed 11.06.14, 16:15 B004 About the proof of the self-adjointness of the Dirac-Coulomb-Hamiltonian Martin Oelker
Wed 18.06.14, 16:15 B004 No seminar!
Wed 25.06.14, 16:15 B004 Tailoring Optical Near Fields for Achieving Laser-Field-Driven Ultrafast Electronic Devices Takuya Higuchi (Uni Erlangen)
Wed 02.07.14, 16:15 B004 Black Holes as Quantum Bound States Tehseen Rug (LMU)
Wed 09.07.14, 16:15 B004 Invariant measures and probabilistic well-posedness for nonlinear dispersive PDEs Tadahiro Oh (University of Edinburgh)
Wed 16.07.14 Joint Session with Prof. Felix Finster (Uni Regensburg)
14:30 B005 Introduction to the theory of causal fermion systems Johannes Kleiner (Uni Regensburg)
16:15 B005 Adaptation in strukturierten Populationen Prof. Peter Pfaffelhuber (Uni Freiburg)
Tue 22.07.14, 11:00 B004 Harmonic N-particle systems: reduced density operators and their properties Christian Schilling (University of Oxford)