Welcome to the Mathematical Physics Seminar

of Prof. Dr. D. Dürr und Prof. Dr. P. Pickl

Summer Semester 2013

The seminar is usually on Wednesdays, 16:00h s.t., in room B004.

Scheduled talks

Date Place Title Speaker
Wed 17.04.13, 16:00 B004 Closed time-like curves Florian Hoffmann
Wed 24.04.13, 16:00 B004 No Seminar!
Tue 30.04.13, 16:00 B349 A Taste of Nonlinear Stability
(Note the change in date and room)
August Krueger (Rutgers University)
Wed 08.05.13, 16:00 B004 Excitation spectrum of interacting bosons in the mean field infinite volume limit Marcin Napiorkowski
Wed 15.05.13, 16:00 B004 Weakly measuring photon trajectories and the disturbance of a measurement Lee Rozema (University of Toronto)
Wed 22.05.13, 16:00 B004 No Seminar!
Wed 29.05.13, 16:00 B004 No Seminar!
Wed 05.06.13, 16:00 B004 Closed time-like curves - quantum mechanics to the rescue? Florian Hoffmann
Wed 12.06.13, 16:00 B004 Microscopic derivation of non Markovian dynamics Luca Ferialdi
Wed 19.06.13, 16:00 B004 Bohmian description of a positron-atom collision Francisco Navarrete
Wed 26.06.13, 16:00 B004 Taking the Dirac Sea serious: Fluctuations
(Joint seminar with the group of Prof. Felix Finster, Regensburg)
David Mitrouskas
Wed 03.07.13, 16:00 B004 On the validity of the Boltzmann Equation for short range potentials Sergio Simonella (TU München)
Wed 10.07.13, 16:00 B004 On quantitative scattering estimates Robert Grummt, Nicola Vona
Wed 17.07.13, 16:00 B004 Conditional density matrix - On the analysis of subsystems in Bohmian mechanics with spin Matthias Lienert