Embedded Contact Homology

Main program: July 23-27

Lecture Series by Michael Hutchings: Embedded Contact Homology
With additional lectures by Dusa McDuff and Chris Wendl

Precourse: July 21-22

1. Contact Topology in Dimension 3 (1 lecture by Patrick Massot)
2. Holomorphic Curves in Dimension 4 (3 lectures by Sam Lisi)
3. Seiberg-Witten Theory (2 lectures by Tim Perutz)


Although the registration deadline has passed, you are still welcome to register. Please send an email to sft@math.lmu.de, containing information about your status, your affiliation and whether you plan to attend the precourse or not.


Please book a hotel room yourself. Under Practical Information you find a list of nearby hotels and hostels.

Financial support

Some limited financial support for graduate students may be available.

The workshop is supported by :

The workshop is financially supported by the CAST-network and the TMP graduate program.

Organizers: Peter Albers, Kai Cieliebak, Janko Latschev, Klaus Mohnke, Matthias Schwarz

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