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Proof, Truth, Computation

Summer School on the Interactions between Modern Foundations of Mathematics and Contemporary Philosophy

21-25 July 2014 in the Benedictine nunnery on Fraueninsel (an island in Chiemsee), Germany

A Summer School sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation


Mathematical methods are about to shape some branches of contemporary philosophy just as they have formed most of the natural and many of the social sciences. The thread of the school we propose is to mirror this development, known as mathematical philosophy or formal epistemology; to highlight the challenges that arise from it; and to display its repercussions in mathematics. As for theoretical computer science, a quite comparable spin-off of mathematics, the principal counterpart within mathematics is mathematical logic.

Since many of the objects of study lie beyond the typical commitment of contemporary mathematics, it is decisive to include non-classical issues such as predicativity and constructivity. Proof theory does indeed play a pivotal role: as the area of mathematical logic that is closest to the understanding of logic as the science of formal languages and reasoning, it is predestined for interaction both with philosophical and computer science logic.

A hot topic that crosses over wide ranges of the school, and is most prominently represented within, is whether axiomatic theories of truth and of related notions, such as provability and knowledge, are possible at all in the stress field between syntax and semantics. Rational belief and rational choice, epistemic issues of principal philosophical relevance, are put under mathematical scrutiny by applying probabilism: that is, the thesis that a rational agent's degrees of belief should conform to the axioms of probability theory.


All those participants with whom reimbursement has not been agreed for both accommodation and subsistence are supposed to pay their local expenses accordingly. Student accommodation (shared double rooms) is up to EUR 175 each and full board, from breakfast on Monday to lunch on Friday, is EUR 180, which makes a total of at most EUR 355 per person for the whole week in the case of students including postdocs. (Special conditions apply if special requests were made.) These payments are due on site, no later than the day before departure, to the Seminarverwaltung (seminar administration, behind the porter's lodge). You can pay cash or by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro (formerly EC), whereas American Express and Diners are not accepted. There is no ATM on the island!

Even those participants with whom reimbursement of subsistence expenses has been agreed (this applies to really all participants, from students to speakers!) need to be prepared for still paying up to EUR 70 each as contribution to meals. These contributions will be due on site, before departure and by cash; details will be communicated during the meeting.

Every participant with whom reimbursement of travel expenses has been agreed can claim those expenses only after the summer school, by sending original tickets and receipts (no photocopies or scans are admitted) together with the completed reimbursement form to the following address:

Summer School "Proof, Truth, Computation", Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg, Mathematisches Institut, Theresienstr. 39, 80333 München, Germany.

Advice on completing the reimbursement form will be available during the summer school on site, and afterwards on this web page.

Reimbursement will require to return the name badge received upon arrival. Apppriate receipts will be issued for every payment.

Please note that full board does not include drinks at lunch and dinner. Drinks can be ordered at the table but have to be payed when served (cash only, no cards).


The meeting will start on Monday, 21 July, 9 AM and will end with lunch on Friday 25 July.

For finding a suitable train/boat connection, please consult the Bahn webpage. If you arrive at Munich main station, type München Hbf as place of departure, if you arrive at Munich airport, type Munich Airport T as place of departure.

There are two trains from the airport into the city, S1 and S8. We recommend to take the latter and change trains at München Ost.

In any case, type Fraueninsel Hauptsteg, Chiemsee as destination. If possible please arrive at Fraueninsel by 6 pm on Sunday. According to the boat timetable, the very last boat on Sunday departs from Prien at 19:30 and from Gstadt at 21:00. If you know by Friday that you have to take the latter boat, please alert us by email to ptc14@math.lmu.de. Please consult the boat timetable.

Having alighted the boat at Hauptsteg (main pier), walk the pier and keep walking in the very same direction. Cross the lakeside footpath, and enter the footpath between Klosterwirt (pub/restaurant) on the left and an orchard on the right. In front of Klosterladen (cloister shop), turn left into the doorway, where you will find the porter's lodge.

If you happen to arrive at Nordsteg (North pier), take the left-hand (or Eastern) lakeside footpath until you reach Hauptsteg.

Please note that full board does not include dinner on Sunday, and that restaurants on the island are not open till very late.

Please bring your own learning material, especially paper and pens. There are only a few little shops on the island, with relatively limited stock.

Please avoid any importuning noise in and around the nunnery from 21:30. When being in public places, the minimum dress code is shorts and shirt.

There will be Wi-Fi connection in the Monastery.




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