Symplectic Geometry 1


General Information

The Lectures will take place Tuesday and Thursday 12-14 in A27. The Exercise Classes take place Wednesday 12-14 in B132.


This course is intended as an introduction to symplectic geometry. After covering the basic material and constructions there will be a discussion of further topics which may inlcude: Hamiltonian group actions, symplectic quotients, toric manifolds, symplectic dynamics, Gompf's Theorem on realising groups as fundamental groups of symplectic manifolds, generating functions and applications.

Some knowledge of differentiable manifolds, vector bundles and differential forms will be assumed, as covered for example in the Bachelor or Master course Differential Geometry.


Exercise sheets

Sheet 1 Solution to Problem 3
Sheet 2
Sheet 3
Sheet 4
Sheet 5
Sheet 6
Sheet 7
Sheet 8 (Corrected Version)
Sheet 9
Sheet 10
Sheet 11
Sheet 12