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Pictures of the Conference

Monday: Philosophy of Science

David Z. Albert
David Z. Albert
What theories qualify as quantum theories without observers and why do we want such theories?
Tim Maudlin
What theories qualify as quantum theories without observers and why do we want such theories?
Michael Esfeld
Does a physical theory need an interpretation?

Tuesday: QTWO and relativity

GianCarlo Ghirardi
GRW-collapse models
Stefan Teufel
Bohmian Mechanics
Pierre Hohenberg
Compatible Quantum Theory
Fay Dowker
The Path Integral Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Roland Omnes
Growth of decoherence
Jean Bricmont
Bell and Nonlocality (the argument and the conclusion)
Ward Struyve
Relativistic Bohmian Mechanics
Roderich Tumulka
Relativistic GRW
Rafael Sorkin
Does the particle know its energy?

Wednesday: Experiments on Foundations of QM

Angelo Bassi
Probing macroscopic superpositions (Theory)
Howard Wiseman
Weak Measurements (Theory)
Nicolas Gisin
Probing large entanglement
Harald Weinfurter
Bell's inequalities experiments
Lee Rozema
Weak measurements of trajectories
Hendrik Ulbricht
Experiments on macroscopic superpositions
Beatrix Hiesmayr
Tests of subatomic QM

Thursday: Meaning of the wave function

Matthew Pusey
The ontic character of the wave function
Xavier Oriols
Different kinds of wave functions
Jürg Fröhlich
Do we finally understand Quantum Mechanics?
James Yearsley
Decoherent Histories and Bohmian Mechanics
Roger Colbeck
The free choice assumption
Antonio Vassallo
A Primitive Ontology Approach to Canonical Quantum Gravity
Mario Hubert
Dispositions in Bohmian Mechanics

Friday: Resumé

Travis Norsen
Appraisal of Bell and his work on foundations of QM
Sheldon Goldstein
Retrospective and Perspective on QTWO